Fleet management system

Better way to manage your fleet: 

Manage your fleets either owned or hired with cost-effectively from one centralized application. In one application you can manage all your fleet as well as your drivers and operators. Keeping records of each activities in one application, it is easier for one person to do multi task. It is a great tool for fleet manger or fleet coordinator.

It is easy-to-use alternative to spreadsheets or hand written book to empowers your team to manage vehicles and equipment from anywhere. Keep track of every activity within your fleet. No more manual work. Manage your fleet from anywhere.

We also provide customize solution as per requirement.



  1. Fleet movement record
  2. Maintenance history
  3. Driver/Operator uses records.
  4. Documents upload and expire notification
  5. Fuel consumption record
  6. Daily Trip Plan and Customize listing.
  7. Nice interactive summary dashboard.
  8. Export data to excel.
  9. Driver/Operator full records with documents.
  10. Traffic violation records
  11. Accident records
  12. Fleet Inspection records
  13. Customize Solution Available